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We have 23 different beers (and counting!)… Local, craft as well as Belgian beers. Ranging from €3,00 to €6,00 a bottle.

Please visit our desktop site for details, or just come check us out!


Mojito 9,50  •  Margarita 9,50

Dark & Stormy 11,00  •  Moscow Mule 9,50

Hendrick's Gin & Tonic 10,50  •  Cuba Libre 8,00

Bloody Mary 9,00  • Tequila Sunrise 9,50

Campari Lime 8,50  •  Espresso Martini 10,50


Full bar! Tequilla's, vodka's, gin's, whiskeys! We have it...

Obviously coffee's and soft drinks are available and yep! We also do smoothies!


If you're hungry, we have home made pizza's, hamburger's, salads and more!

And if you just want a snack... We have a good selection of them too!

Just to give you an idea... A nice home made pizza is €9,50 and a good hamburger €15,00

Again, please visit our desktop site for more details and prices, or come sit with us and enjoy!

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